Revamp Your Countertops

Granite and quartz on display in our Egg Harbor City Showroom.


Granite is the hardest natural stone used for countertop making it ideal for high traffic kitchens. Colors vary from off whites to black and everything in between. The natural variation in granite slabs is part of it’s natural beauty. Between its aesthetic appeal and its durability, granite can be utilized for countertops as well as flooring.


Quartzite is a very hard and durable metamorphic rock that begins as sandstone. With the help of high heat and high pressure, the sandstone transforms into quartzite. In general, quartzite is less busy then other natural stones. Looking for a more modern or minimal countertop? Consider quartzite.


Quartz is a manmade surface consisting of 90-95% ground up natural stone pressed together with resin. Quartz is a 99.9% solid, nonporous making it highly resistant to staining, bacteria, and mold. Quartz is available range of colors and patterns from solids to whimsical looks.